Celebrating Thanksgiving in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Massachusetts While there are many differences between the First Thanksgiving celebrated at Plymouth back in 1621 and the modern pie-eating, football-watching holiday that many participate in today, the fact remains that Thanksgiving is an American tradition that we could all stand to learn a little bit more about. Some of the foods […] Read more »

The History of Clam Chowder: A New England Tradition

New England Clam Chowder

The History of Clam Chowder: A New England Tradition A New England clam chowder, made as it should be, is a dish to preach about, to chant praises and sing hymns and burn incense before. To fight for. The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought for–or on–clam chowder; part of it at least, I am […] Read more »

Traditional New England Breakfast

Known for cozy bed-and-breakfast establishments, its no wonder New England has earned a reputation for delivering some of the best breakfasts in the country. A traditional New England breakfast consists of a healthy smattering of breakfast meats, eggs, cakes and sides, bringing tourists and locals out to taste a bit of early American history on […] Read more »

Best Breakfasts in New England

Where can you find the best breakfast in Massachusetts? Or the best breakfast in Rhode Island? What about fresh baked bread and muffins? Does anyone even do that anymore? What about a traditional New England corned beef hash that takes 4 hours to prepare fresh every day? It seems impossible to still be able to […] Read more »

The Secret to Good Diner Food

Why does food cooked and served in a diner taste so much better than the dinners you can have at other restaurants? Is it the 1950s throwback décor? Could it be the experience of sitting in Naugahyde-covered booths or eating at a real lunch counter that makes it taste like a little slice of Americana? […] Read more »

The Great American Diner

Great American Diner (Providence, Rhode Island)

The diner has become as much a part of our cultural fabric as baseball and Mom’s apple pie. The first diner was established in the state of Rhode Island in 1872, and was one of those great American inventions that came as the result of hard work, ingenuity and an authentic entrepreneurial spirit. When he […] Read more »

Memorial Day and a Meal

Memorial Day - Military - Persy's Place

A day to honor and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America by serving in the military to protect our great country.  For those who have lost a loved one in service to our country, Memorial Day is a day of significant importance.  This day allows us to set […] Read more »

Mom is where it’s at!

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about which Mom works the hardest. The answer is easy, it’s your mom. Mom…from the time she knew you were on the way…she already loved you. Let’s face it, Mom has always been there for you. She has cared for you in ways you will never even […] Read more »

Pancakes at Persy’s

One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was breakfast that my dad made. Waking up on Sunday morning always meant pancakes and warm maple syrup, home fries, bacon on the side and maybe some fried or scrambled eggs if I wanted. Dad is no longer with me, but I’ll always have […] Read more »

Lunch and a Lobster Roll

Guess What? Persy’s Place serves lunch! Really, they do. Being so well known for breakfast because they have “New England’s Largest Breakfast Menu”.…All Day, lunch takes a back seat. Well, turn the menu over and you’ll find “Sandwich Heaven.” Persy’s has 38 Superb Sandwiches. How does one choose? Well first, go to Persy’s Place for […] Read more »