Easter Specials at Persy’s Place: Home of New England’s Largest Breakfast Menu

Easter Breakfast and Brunch at Persy's Place - Massachusetts and Rhode IslandWhat does brunch mean to you? A late, lazy Sunday morning languishing over a bevy of baked eggs, breakfast breads and hot coffee? Or are you more of a pancakes and breakfast meats kind of person? Whether you prefer breakfast or brunch and no matter how you like your eggs, Persy’s Place has got a little something for everyone. And what better place to celebrate a holiday that centers around eggs and sweet treats than Persy’s – home of New England’s largest breakfast menu?

Easter Specials

This year Persy’s Place has added a couple of special items to New England’s largest breakfast menu. It is important to have a little fun with the menu every now and again – just to shake things up. Try the Easter “Benny,” a delightful springtime version of Eggs Benedict, which consists of two poached eggs served over a bed of fresh broccoli and a grilled English muffin. The whole thing is topped off with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce and your choice of two of Persy’s “sunrise side” menu items.

If you like the salty sweet combination, you’ll want to try the Sweet and Swine. An amazing breakfast sandwich served on your choice of bagel, English muffin or Kaiser roll, filled with egg, ham, pineapple and American cheese. Or try the Hash Bomb, which features a flaky Croissant that is filled with Persy’s own world famous Corned Beef Hash, scrambled eggs and a creamy cheese sauce that is served with two “sunrise side” menu items.

For those that like to dive right in and go for something sweet for breakfast, brunch or lunch, try the amazing Jelly Bean pancakes. Three adorable buttermilk pancakes with jelly beans in the middle, all topped with a pile of whipped cream and rainbow colored sprinkles. Nothing says Easter and springtime quite like a colorful batch of Jelly Bean pancakes!

If you come in for lunch or dinner and still want a little something special, make sure to ask for the Ham Dinner, which will take you back to your childhood: grilled ham steak topped with sweet pineapple served alongside mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, Boston baked beans and a slab of Persy’s famous grilled cornbread. A tasty Bunny Wrap is also available, featuring crispy chicken tenders, tomato, lettuce, cheddar-jack cheese and mayo all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and served with fries and a pickle.

The Rest of the Menu

What else is on New England’s Largest Breakfast Menu, you ask? Just about any type of breakfast, brunch and lunch food you could imagine!

Choose from a smattering of homemade breakfast breads, which include:

  • many varieties of pancakes
  • Belgian waffles with tons of toppings
  • French toast
  • crepes with your choice of fillings
  • fresh-baked muffins
  • Johnny cakes
  • Persy’s own grilled cornbread
  • bagels with cream cheese
  • English muffins… and more!

Persy’s Place also offers a wide variety of eggs cooked any way you like them, such as:

  • scrambled
  • omelets with your choice of fillings
  • fried or sunny side up
  • poached
  • steak and eggs
  • traditional English breakfast
  • Southern biscuits and gravy with eggs… and many more combinations!

Special combination plates that celebrate the unique cultural and regional fare of New England, including:

  • Persy’s famous Corned Beef Hash (recognized by The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal!)
  • Traditional Fish Cakes – served at Persy’s for over 30 years!
  • The Yankee Special, which includes 3 eggs, 2 pancakes and 4 breakfast meats
  • Portuguese Chourico Benedict – a spicy dish made with Portuguese Chourico sausage
  • Apple Orchard Pancakes made with New England apples and walnuts
  • The Cape Cod Waffle – filled with Native cranberries and walnuts
  • Boston Baked Beans – yes for breakfast, it’s tradition!
  • Maple Walnut French Toast with 100% New England maple syrup

Just a Taste

The menu items listed above and in the Easter Specials offered at Persy’s Place are literally just a tiny taste of all the choices available on New England’s Largest Breakfast Menu. Persy’s lunch menu includes all of your favorites plus burgers, paninis, salads, American favorites and much more. You’ve literally got to see it all to believe it!

With locations all over Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Eastern Rhode Island, there are a lot of unique dining destinations available to our guests. In Massachusetts you can choose from the North Dartmouth location on State Road, the Kingston Persy’s just South of Exit 9, the Mashpee location on Falmouth Road, Middleboro Persy’s just North of Route 44, the Persy’s in Falmouth on North Main, Hyannis Persy’s across from the Train Station, the Persy’s in Plymouth on Main Street and the Wareham Persy’s on Cranberry Highway. In Rhode Island, visit the newest Persy’s Place in East Providence located on Newport Avenue.

Hope to see you soon and Happy Easter from Persy’s Place!