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Winter Wanderings
Winter is on it's way and it can seem long and encroach on our ability to "get out" to do enjoy life. Here's an idea to put a little pleasure and purpose to the season.

Persy's has 9 restaurants (even an authentic fully restored '50's diner in E. Providence) scattered south of Boston on main roads, near the coast, surrounded by history, villages, shops, wonderful scenery and's what New England is all about.

Being near the coast, the more moderate temperatures often make an inland snow storm just rain for us.

Over the winter, get out to see these nine wonderful areas of New England and have a hot and hearty breakfast or lunch at each of our family owned restaurants.

Persys's Place Gift CardWe'll supply the "purpose"...if you visit each of our locations during the winter (December 21 - March 20), you'll get a $50.00 gift card, good at all Persy's.

At each visit you'll get a coupon for a free loaf of our fresh baked cornbread - dated and signed by your server. Just collect 9 (one from each Persy's). Turn them in and we'll send you your $50.00 card and even return to you all your free "corn bread" coupons.

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See you there (and there, and there, and there, and there, and there),
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