Mom is where it’s at!

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about which Mom works the hardest. The answer is easy, it’s your mom.

Mom…from the time she knew you were on the way…she already loved you. Let’s face it, Mom has always been there for you. She has cared for you in ways you will never even know, like getting up in the middle of the night with you, because you couldn’t sleep. Now she can’t sleep because you are out in the middle of the night.

Maybe she made your favorite breakfast and then took the time to take you to the park, swinging you on the swing until there was no end and then you finally could do it all by yourself. Piano lessons, ball practice, she may have worked a job all day so you could have a roof over your head or maybe to pay for your college education, or just so you could have those music lessons you wanted.

She let you have a house full of friends and many times it turned into sleepovers. You didn’t realize how much work it was for her to clean up and pick up, after you were all long gone to the next friend’s house. But she never complained, (well, maybe a little) and she loved having you all there.

Mom spent her days teaching you 100 little things about life no one else teaches but she knows you need to know. Disciplining you, one of the hardest parts of her job, but it was real proof that she loved you. Helping you with your homework; that big project that was due the next day and, oops, you forgot about it, and now she is on her way to the store to get you that poster board you need to get the job done.

Taking pictures of everything you did and sometimes you hated it, but now you look at those pics and are glad Mom loved you enough to capture those memories. And what about driving you to school and waiting in the pick-up line at the end of every day to take you home. The only fun part of that was talking to you about your day once you got in the car. Then sometimes she made your favorite dinner or desert just because she loved you.

She knows she did the best job she could and is proud to call you her child. And now because of her dedication you have a great career or a hobby doing something you love. You give the same thing to your family that she gave to you

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Doesn’t she deserve to have you show her how much you appreciate all of the little, and big, things she did? Why not show her by taking her out for a fantastic meal at Persy’s Place? Slow down and enjoy the best cup of coffee around. And don’t forget to take a picture while you are there. It will be one more memory you will want to look back on and be glad that you got it on camera. Then you can all go home and have a nice nap in the middle of the day.

Just like Mom was there for you every day, any day is a great day to take Mom to Persy’s Place!