Pancakes at Persy’s

One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was breakfast that my dad made. Waking up on Sunday morning always meant pancakes and warm maple syrup, home fries, bacon on the side and maybe some fried or scrambled eggs if I wanted. Dad is no longer with me, but I’ll always have that special memory.

We found Persy’s Place which carries on a family breakfast tradition similar to my Dad’s. With “New England’s Largest Breakfast Menu” I can have all my Old Time Favorites and Hard-To-Find Breakfasts.

There are the Buttermilk Pancakes, Double Blueberry Pancakes and Apple Orchard Pancakes. You can have Cape Cod Buttermilk Pancakes with cranberries and chopped walnuts or Chunky Chimp Buttermilk Pancakes filled with chocolate chips, bananas and chopped walnuts. Everything is made to order at Persy’s Place so you can have it your way.

What do you like? Johnny Cakes or maybe Buckwheat Pancakes is what you like. Or just say, “I’ll take The All American, and you’ll get your choice of a great pancake or Belgian waffle topped with the “Red, White & Blue” which in Persy’s talk that means strawberries, whipped cream and blueberries.

Maybe waffles are your thing. That’s what is great about Persy’s Place, with “New England’s Largest Breakfast Menu”…All Day, anything they offer in a pancake can be ordered as a Belgian waffle. Topped with your favorites and made to order, it’s irresistible and makes you want to say, we’ll be back.

One of my Egg Favorites is the Yankee Special. Which comes with, you guessed it, pancakes. I always order 3 eggs over medium with crispy bacon, and it comes with 2 pancakes, 2 sausage, and you can pick two other sunrise sides from a list of 12 different yummy sides. What more could you want? Well, if you want more Persy’s Place has it. If you would like, have an egg or two on the side, or something else from the many side orders.

So, why not start today and make Persy’s Place a part of your family tradition. Every day is a great day to enjoy pancakes at Persy’s Place and make a memory that is so unforgettable; you will want to keep coming back again and again to discover your favorite. If Dad were here with me today he’d be thrilled to eat pancakes at Persy’s where they make everything with you in mind, just like you want it, just like Dad did.