Why Sandwiches Are Considered American Comfort Food

Panini SandwichWhat is comfort food? Well, depending on the person, comfort food can mean a bowl of their grandmother’s chili, a plate of their mother’s lasagna, a tray of hand-rolled tamales or their dad’s famous grilled cheese sandwich. Yes, that’s right, a grilled cheese sandwich, or any sandwich for that matter, can be considered comfort food. Part carbs, part gooey goodness, with a little culture, childhood and hometown thrown in for good measure; the sandwiches that give us that “comfort food” feeling can quickly identify the region that we grew up in as easily as a mid-western accent or a southern drawl.

New Englanders grow up on grilled cheese, burgers and clubs just like everyone else, but with their own unique style and flair. Persy’s Place, with locations all over Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, features 38 unique sandwiches, burgers and paninis on 7 different types of fresh-baked breads that are sure to tickle the taste buds of tourists and locals alike. If you haven’t been before, it’s high time you stopped in to take a taste of the Largest Breakfast & Lunch Menu in New England.


Taken from the Italian word “panino”, a panini is the term used in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to describe a pressed and toasted Italian-style sandwich. Persy’s Place takes the best of both worlds – the Italian spices, seasonings and affection for fresh-baked artisan breads, and combines it with the American-style of pressing and toasting the meat and cheese sandwiches. Imagine a melty, toasted, crisp, yet gooey sandwich – the perfect example of New England comfort food at its finest and the best panini on Cape Cod.

Choose from the Reuben panini, featuring Persy’s own “4 hour corned beef” with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing; the baked ham panini, featuring in-house baked ham, Swiss and avocado; the Caesar chicken panini with marinated chicken, feta cheese, tomato, red onion and fresh Caesar dressing; the “Ben’s Bird” panini with smoked turkey breast, cheddar-jack cheese, bacon, tomato and Hollandaise sauce; the California panini with avocado, tomato, red onion and Swiss; the Buzzard panini with roast turkey cranberry sauce, avocado and Swiss; the tuna panini, featuring 100% all white tuna, Bermuda onion, American cheese and tomato on rye; or the Hawaiian panini with ham, Swiss cheese and yummy pineapple.


The “club” sandwich is a popular American favorite. Also known as a “clubhouse” sandwich, this particular bit of comfort food in Massachusetts is served on toasted bread, stacked in three layers and is often cut into quarters. Similar to a BLT, the classic club sandwich includes toasted bread, mayonaise, bacon, lettuce and tomato, along with other ingredients, and is frequently served with a pickle on the side as garnish.

The club sandwich dates back as far as 1899 when it first appeared on American restaurant menus. Stop by Persy’s Place in East Providence for one of the best sandwiches in Rhode Island. Here you can get a turkey club, featuring 100% in-house roasted breast meat in a BLT three decker-style sandwich; or the amazing tuna club, with 100% all white tuna, also in a BLT three decker-style.


One of the latest sandwich food crazes to hit the United States, a wrap is a sandwich that is made with any type of soft flatbread, such as a pita, lavash or flour tortilla, and filled with sliced meats, cheeses, poultry or fish along with tomato, lettuce, avocado or any number of other customized ingredients. With origins tracing back to the Greeks, Armenians, Mexicans, Kurds and Turks, wraps have been around since before the 1900s.

Persy’s creates the perfect New England comfort food with its wraps, made from fresh local ingredients, making them some of the best comfort food in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Choose from the turkey wrap, which includes in-house roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and mayo; the chicken Caeser wrap, featuring grilled, marinated chicken with feta cheese and tomato; the ham wrap, with in-house baked ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and tangy Dijon mustard; the tuna wrap, featuring 100% white tuna, lettuce and tomato; or the marinated chicken wrap, which includes grilled, marinated chicken breast, feta cheese, tomato, lettuce and Greek dressing.


Some sandwiches are just so good and so filled with local flair and flavor that they must be “set apart” from the rest of the menu. Persy’s “house specials” fit the bill and feature sandwiches such as the Reuben sandwich, which includes a special “4 hour corned beef” recipe along with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing; a classic New England lobster roll, a true Cape Cod specialty; and the corned beef special, with includes the “4 hour corned beef” on a fresh kaiser roll or in-house baked pumpernickel bread.

So whether you are looking for the best panini on Cape Cod or want to try the best sandwiches in Rhode Island, Persy’s has 38 sandwiches to choose from and 9 locations throughout the Southcoast region. From melts to burgers, all-American favorites and more, stop by Persy’s Place for a real taste of New England comfort food.